image/svg+xml 8/14/20 <number> Czech Republic returns of OBU Premid MytoCZ Toll Device A close up of a logo Description automatically generated OBUGO___HOMEFill out a shortform on the websiteClick hereScanrelated documentsfor your OBUPack OBUand documentsfrom step 01 and 02We will pick upthe package at theaddress provided by youThe money arrivesdirectly to youraccount– no extra work0102030405 Get your money back You can NOW get back some of your moneyfor your OBU Premid by Kapsch.It's easy … In cooperation with transport authorities, we can guarantee you€20back for each OBU box If your OBU Premid was used at least oncein the past 12 months.

We do not send the courier for pickup anymore​.

If you still have units to return, you can add the ​OBU units​ to the website, print the ​form and copy of the​ ​vehicle registration certificate​, and send them at your expense to:

Jana Borbina
Šaldova 425/12, Praha 8

Don't let the legislation win and get your money back!


1. Complete The form

Fill in the form on the page with the basic information needed to return the device. Deposit for the equipment will be transferred directly to your bank account immediately after the amount arrives from Road and Motorway Directorate.


2. OBU go home

PACK OBU INTO THE BOX, attach the signed and stamped form you have just filled on this website and technical documentation such as Vehicle registration certificate to which your OBU was registered for. We will pick it up on the address you provide using traditional courier services and let your OBU GO HOME.


3. We pay for a return

Don't let the legislation win. Thanks to our close cooperation with Road and Motorway Directorate we can get you 20 €
of the deposit back. We will send the money directly to your provided bank account.

The final deadline for submission is 31.11.2020
Apply if your OBU Permid was used at least once in the past 12 months!

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